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NOTE: status January 15 2022

Earlier than expected a new series of the Giga8-dd device is presently available. Due to Corona shut-downs manufacturing and shipment delays have caused component scarecity with unexpected price increases, as you will find in the products list below. Gold wire of 18µm is only limited available until mid March.

Procedure and conditions                 


  • Click on one of the items below you want to be quoted in the list below and press [add to list]
  • To add another item to the list press the Products tab and add the next item to the list.
  • Check out then and complete the form with billing and shipment addresses. No payments are required now but select the payment method (Bank or PayPal) for possible later use
  • Upon submission of the quote request an automatic quote copy (valid for 90 days) will be sent to your e-mail address
  • PRICES (in €) in this quote are based on payment after delivery
  • Soon after submission you will receive two documents: 1) a quote confirmation (pdf), and 2) a pdf proforma invoice for payment in advance with DISCOUNT prices, as also shown near each product below.
  • Prepayment discount prices are also


  • Payment in advance of the proforma invoice is the most simple and cheapest way for order confirmation and shipment (see below) initiation
  • Payment after delivery  Let us know this choice. This is more complicated (bureaucracy) and therefore, more expensive (see quote).
  • In case your institution needs to issue a purchase order (PO), please send this and you will receive an adjusted (proforma) invoice In both cases an invoice will be sent when shipped
  • credit card choice will be followed by sending you a PayPal mediated invoice (with instructions)
  • bank transfer choice: use Swift code/IBAN details in the (proforma) invoice´s footer


  • Equipment with insurance shipmemt (FedEx) will be handled within 2 weeks (if in stock, see Availability.pdf) after your payment has been booked or after order confirmation (by a PO) when paying after delivery. You will receive a shipment notification with track and trace number.
  • If your institution may require a different transport/import, additional charges for extra administration may be added to the EXW price.

Warranty:        5 year on the Giga-8dd equipment parts (not on consumables)

Stock status:    see Availability.pdf ( click [Downloads])

 LIST OF PRODUCTS (scroll down):

Giga-8dd Basic 8 channel EPG recording system
Separate consumables
Special items