Giga-8dd, Basic EPG System (discount € 5900)



Basic EPG system (2023 series) (prepayment discount price € 5900)

Basic EPG system. this includes all items needed to get started, except electrode wire*:

  • Giga-8dd control unit (2021 series, AD converter build-in)  1x
  • EPG probe, pre-amplifier (see also note**)  8x
  • Swivel clamp (to mount an EPG probe to the mounting rod)  8x
  • Mounting rod (to mount 4 EPG probes)  2x (can be screwed to one rod)


  • USB cable (to power the Giga-8d device and for data transmission)  1x
  • Plant electrode  8x
  • Grounding cable (for Faraday cage connection)   1x
  • Test cable (see Giga-8d manual)   1x

Wiring kit  (except electrode wire*)

  • Insect electrode pin (brass, Ø 1.2mm)  30x
  • Extension wire (copper, Ø 0.2mm) bunch  2x
  • Electrode glue, water based (vial 2 ml, Ag 25%) 2x

* electrode wire

      Note: To complete the Basic EPG system add the proper wire to the quotation list manually ('separate consumables'). Choose the right diameter:

  • Either:   - Coil 18 µm diameter (30m; for aphids and bigger insects) 1x
  • or:         - Coil 12.5 µm diameter (30m; for smaller insects. e.g. whiteflies etc.) 1x

** Note: The new 2018 Giga-8dd has probes with a (remotely operated) switch from normal to emf mode (see Measuring Systems). In emf mode plant potentials can be measured more accurately . Also the device can be operated in the field, and 1-8 insects can be monitored per plant. Specifications listed in the download Manual-Giga-8dd.pdf

Other requirements such as Stereomicroscope, Vacuum device and Faraday cage are not provided by EPG systems: see downloads for construction hints).

Computer: Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) or Mac with bootable Windows environment

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