To order extra/separate consumables

1. To complete the Basic Giga-8dd EPG system it is recommanded (as a standard) to add one coil with gold wire; Ø 12.5 or 18 µm.



For renewing your consumables,



     Silver glue:  may deteriorate with time don't order more than needed

     Gold wire:    use the 12.5µm wire only for small insects like mites, thrips, whiteflies, etc. It is more difficult to

                        handle than the 18µm wire, which is suitable for aphids and larger insects.


220.00 EUR
12.5µm diam Gold wire, suitable for smaller insects such as whiteflies, aphid nymphs etc.
220.00 EUR
18µm diam Gold wire, suitable for aphids and larger insects
23.00 EUR
Vial of 2ml silver glue
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